Heritage Coaching and Consulting | About Us

How we do it?

Heritage Coaching and Consulting is a coaching platform that takes you to a journey towards success, crossing all obstacles, achieving milestones in individual and group success, and finally reaching the stage of maximum potential.

In every type of social structure in our life, we face many problems. These problems, diverse as they may be in type, are all underlined by the same problem: a hazy vision and understanding. Perception is always limited, unless it is externally expanded through an outside point of view. Heritage Coaching and Consulting is that perception.


Our goal remains to be an effective name in helping teams and individuals recognize, sort, and then overcome all problems effectively. Rather than working for you, we work with you, partnering up to provide the best of success-oriented coaching and consulting. We improve the quality of your team and help you establish a clear vision to follow up on. Doing this will enable individuals and teams to move in rhythm and harmony to their desired objectives and aims.

What We Do ?

Heritage Coaching and Consulting offers essential, informed, and valuable coaching practices and advisory services. Working with individuals and groups, we tackle all limiting problems like lack of creativity and inspiration, unenthusiastic participation, poor communication, indecisiveness, ineffective leadership and group think, etc. Successfully helping you overcome all these problems, you or your team can accelerate team development and progress for your benefit.

Our Specialty ?

We know that when you are opting for a consulting/coaching service to overcome hindering problems in a social structure, you want something effective and unique – away from the conventional and clichéd. Understanding this, we have integrated a unique shade to our services:

Co-creative and transformational; using the best, most innovation strategies to move you from where you are to where you want to be.
Personalized and customized; with us, clients are the experts. We analyze your aims, perceptions, and individual/group limitations and follow up on those.
Essentially knowledgeable; the importance of awareness is high for all individuals and groups. We empower our clients with essential knowledge.

  • Setting goals and effective strategies to achieve them
  • Create new and better habits
  • Encouraging clients to focus on mindfulness, self-reflection, and awareness
  • Providing an improved perception and broadening their horizon to achieve progress
  • Unlocking their full potential
  • Better communication and teamwork
  • Effective leadership development
  • ...and much more. Contact us today to find how else we can serve you.